About Us

As an Energy Professional, you know the importance of staying current with new developments and current technologies. You also know the value of sharing best industry practices. The Association of Energy Engineers Sunshine Chapter (AEESC) brings those elements together along with globally recognized certifications to keep you ahead of the rapidly changing energy field.

Why Join the AEE Sunshine Chapter

The Sunshine Chapter is one of the two local AEE chapters in the state of the Florida. AEESC brings the vast resources of an internationally recognized association right to your local professional community. Most meetings and events hosted by AEESC are located in the Orlando area.


Certifications are what make you stand out as an energy professional. AEE certifications are recognized worldwide and are often a requisite to winning energy projects. AEESC helps you with the certification process by holding regular training for certification in all the areas covered by AEE. And we help you maintain the certifications with a robust program of events where you earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Programs and Events

AEESC hosts a combination of virtual and in-person monthly events including presentations by respected industry leaders and tours of facilities unique to Florida like Theme Parks, Agricultural Processing, Ports and Space Ports. Ample opportunity is provided for networking and sharing of best practices in a relaxed, collegial atmosphere with fellow energy professionals. And all is not work either as AEESC hosts various social events including an annual awards dinner.


The AEESC has a wide variety of resources for energy professionals. Whether they are looking for process improvements, energy efficiency or even energy sources AEESC is your one stop shop to get headed in the right direction.

Industry Partnerships

Energy professionals work in a wide variety of industries- from power generation to energy efficiency and even finance. Thus, a wide level of expertise is demanded from those working in the industry. AEESC has members from many industries that provide opportunities including employment, advancement and sharing of best practices. Your expertise as a professional will grow as you participate in the programs hosted by AEESC.

Student Chapter

We all remember the trepidation of being a student and wondering what the world held for us as we faced graduation. AEESC helps reduce the uncertainty by sponsoring student chapters. The student chapters have their own board of directors and develop projects from charitable works to energy projects. AEESC mentors the chapters and brings industry leaders to meet with students, providing insights to the working world and sometimes even a chance of a career. AEESC awards scholarships to deserving students and also gives recognition through student chapter awards.

For more information on the chapter or if you have any questions please contact Pete Chiaravalle at [email protected]