CEM Course

General Info about AEE Certifications

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) currently offers 23 various resume-enhancing certifications available to energy professionals who have attended an approved online or live training course. These valuable certifications include energy management, energy efficiency, building commissioning, carbon reduction, procurement and renewable energy. Certifications helps to foster professional development. A link to the full list of AEE certifications can be found here.


Of all these sponsored certifications, the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) designation is the most demanding. The CEM certification process includes an online or live learning component, successful completion of the written examination, and an industry experience requirement. The required industry experience component ranges from 3 to 10 years depending on a candidate’s formal education level. See eligibility requirements here.

Materials covered in the CEM training course include, but are not limited to energy basics, high performance buildings, various mechanical systems, energy accounting and economics, codes and standards, CHP systems and renewable energy, and building automation and control systems among others. The typical in-person training agenda includes 4 days of 8 hour classroom sessions including practice quizzes to prep you for the exam. On the 5th day, for the in-person training regimen, there is a 4 hour proctored exam where a passing grade is required.

Who benefits from earning their CEM?

The target audience for the CEM designation includes Energy Engineers, Energy Managers, Facility Managers, Industrial Facility Managers, Utility Account Managers, Energy Performance Managers, Energy Efficiency Consultants, and Project Engineers. In more and more instances, Utility Managers, Consultants, and Government Building Facility Managers are required to hold the CEM certification as a job pre-requisite.

Please click on the following link for an 8 minute video on the “3 Key Benefits of CEM Training”


As mentioned, there are both online and live training sessions offered by AEE. Which ever kind of training you choose to attend, training is required to become a CEM. Live training sessions can either be sponsored by the AEE national organization or local AEE chapters.

AEE Sunshine Chapter is proud to host at least one annual CEM training session. AEESC is also an approved exam administrator. The trainings are offered in-person here in the Orlando area and AEESC will soon be offering online trainings as well. Within just five days you can earn one of the most valuable certifications an energy professional can have. Attending the CEM training offered by AEESC is a great choice. We have very qualified, friendly, and experienced instructors who teach to the CEM curriculum as they are CEMs themselves. If you are an in-state trainee, you can enjoy the convenience and proximity of the course training. If you are an out-of-state participant, you have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasant climate of sunny Florida when perhaps you'd like to escape the likes of a Nor'easter storm.


The Florida Sunshine Chapter will announce any upcoming certification training sessions both here and on its LinkedIn page. AEE national certification training sessions can be found by going to this link. Please stay tuned to Sunshine Chapter training announcements and we hope you will consider participating in a Florida chapter based certification program!

AEESC is currently exploring the option of offering other AEE certifications in additional to the CEM. Please let us know if you are interested in other certification training courses as we may be able to accomodate your request if there is enough interest. 

For more information on AEE Sunshine Chapter certification programs, please contact Doug Bowman (407-408-7582).