COOLNOMIX: A Pacemaker for Compressors


March 18, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
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Zoom Webinar- you will be sent instructions on how to join after registration is complete

Compressors are inefficient, even in the newest and most advanced HVAC and Refrigeration systems. Compressors consume up to 90% of the energy used for cooling and refrigeration. Moreover, advanced technologies such as smart thermostats, economizers, and variable-frequency drives DO NOT address this problem. This seminar will discuss an add on technology called COOLNOMIX  that acts like a pacemaker for the compressor. Successful case studies (including Fortune 500 companies) show that COOLNOMIX can:

  • Deliver a Payback Period of Under 2 YEARS
  • Reduce Cooling and Refrigeration Energy use by 20% to 70%
  • Improve Indoor Comfort and Productivity

The presentation will discuss how the COOLNOMIX technology can save energy on cooling, enhance personal comfort and reduce carbon footprint.

We are proud to announce the presenters for this event: 

David Ableman, Vice President of Operations, Protek Corporation
With 35+ years of experience and a background in chemical engineering and business, Dave is passionate about holistic sustainability (environmental, economic, social, and political), and is a thought-leader on Indoor Air Quality. Responsible for the day-to-day operations and process improvement, he manages Quality Control and customer expectations. A respected, award-winning consultant, speaker, trainer and author, Dave oversees the experienced Protek team that has completed thousands of projects throughout the Northeast. Delivering client success with minimal time-to-value, Protek thus helps clients deploy best-practice preventive maintenance services which reduce risks and create/maintain healthier, safer, and more productive environments.

Spencer Jawitz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, PROTEK Corporation
With 25+ years in Sales and Marketing, Spencer is a quick, outside the box thinker who provides effective and clear solutions and communication to partners, customers, and others. Since he understands that marketing communications can only be as frequent as they are relevant, he has become recognized as extremely efficient and productive, earning a reputation of exceeding expectations.

Josef (Joe) Mueller, CEO and Founder, CoolGreenPower
Joe is CEO of CoolGreenPower, a company he founded to curate and distribute affordable energy efficiency solutions with a goal to reduce total energy consumption in the US by 8-10%. The first solution on the CoolGreenPower platform is COOLNOMIX, a low-cost retrofit compressor controller for DX cooling systems. Joe has led COOLNOMIX projects with the US Department of Defense, the US Postal Service, and multiple public buildings in Massachusetts. Prior to starting CoolGreenPower, Joe spent 25 years as a global business and technology consultant with Accenture.


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